Drone Photography. Still and Video

Our unmanned aerial visual photography allows us to create for you stunning, unusual commercial and social videos plus still imagery, capturing content that is otherwise impossible to record without hiring a helicopter. Scott started IDRONEIT through a love of photography and cinematography. With his use of drones, he found a way of creating unbelievable photography, enhancing his already professional level still photography. IDRONEIT address every job from a background of experience and ability to understand your needs and translate that into unique pictures and video that fulfils your ambition for company presentation, social and event record or commercial product.

With this affordable solution, you can showcase any event in an alternative way, our drone imagery will provide a unique testimony.

Property Marketing

Drones offer the property industry a new marketing tool to catch the eye of any buyer. Whether you are selling a small house, an estate or a commercial property, the ability to allow the buyer the understanding of location and surroundings can be a fast and cost effective way to market any property.

Cinematography and Videography

Drones provide the ideal medium for films, TV, and music videos. Our high quality images are available to capture soaring visions of beautiful landscapes.

Holidays, Resorts and Hotels

Stunning imagery always helps to sell any holiday or destination. We have filmed in some spectacular luxury resorts and hotels around the world and can provide the extra impetus you require to market your holiday, resort or hotel.


Sports, charity and specialist event advertising through whatever medium you choose will always benefit from high quality visual promotion. Adding a video, or spectacular stills to your website or facebook page.

In addition, schools are now competitively looking for pupils. Publicising a sports day or open day through drone photography on their website can only help get the message across in a more appealing way.